Christmas Delivery Schedule.

We are closed for the following days over the Christmas period:

Saturday 25th December

Sunday 26th December

Monday 27th December

Saturday 1st January

Sunday 2nd January

Monday 3rd January

If your normal delivery pattern is Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays then the milk due for delivery on Monday 27th December will be added to your order on Friday 24th December. The same thing will happen on Friday 31st December with milk due on Monday 3rd January being added to the order.

If your normal delivery pattern is Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays then Saturdays milk from 25th December and 1st January will be added to your order on Thursday 23rd and Thursday 30th December.

If your delivery pattern is Wednesdays and Saturdays then milk due for delivery on Saturday 25th and Saturday 1st will be left on Friday 24th and Friday 31st.

Customers in Northop Hall who are due deliveries on Monday 27th and Monday 3rd will get their milk a day later on Tuesday 28th and Tuesday 4th.

If you would just like your normal milk delivery and not a doubled up delivery please let us know.

Deliveries during the Christmas period will take longer to complete as we will most likely half way through the round need to return to the dairy to reload the van. We apologise in advance for any delays.

If you would like to order cream please let us know as soon as possible. If you have a your moo account please add cream to your order. We are unlikely to be able to get extra cream at the last minute.

Have a great Christmas.